Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Pat On The Back

The first year of Beads For Memories has come to  a close. It has been a more interesting, and much more uplifting year than any of us here had imagined. After reaching her goal of $1000 raised in a year, Alysha felt it was time to celebrate. So what goes better with celebration than cake?

With that in mind, Alysha baked and decorated one. She put her message on top in chocolate, and set up a get-together with the Alzheimer Society's staff. We were quite surprised to find a gigantic novelty cheque waiting for us when we arrived, allowing Alysha to 'present' her donation to the society!  Thanks again to the thoughtful staff who made that moment possible.

 Alysha had the honour of cutting the cake, and the pleasure of gving and receiving thanks to those who have worked with her over this unusual year. She also recieved a card and small gift from the staff as a show of appreciation for her work. She'd like everyone to know that she appreciates their hard work on her behalf too.

And with a lot of hugs and smiles, the first year of Beads for Memories' fundraising is a closed book. Alysha will have bracelets at some of the upcoming Alzheimer Society events, and will be doing the Walk for Memories herself this year. Check back, we'll keep you posted right here!

As always, if you'd like more information on the project you can contact awlovespets@rogers.com. if you would like to read about Alysha's inspiration for the work that she does, you can read my first post.


  1. This is fantastic! Congratulations, Alysha.

  2. As always we are so proud of you..
    Love Aunt Ann and Uncle John

  3. Linda & Ray Lucyk13 March 2012 at 14:56

    We couldn't be any prouder Grandparents!!
    A super Mom & Dad have given us a granddaughter
    to be so very proud of.
    Love you lots
    Grandma & Grandpa